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Folk/Rock fusion band


It's really just about the joy of music. Andy Goudie, hitherto creative genius and all round muso had spent many years in the garden shed producing stunning original tunes and melodies, that, but for a chance encounter with Karen 'The Voice' Dean, (a lady with a smokey voice and a dirty laugh), would never have seen the light of day.

As the music met the voice, the songs were brought to life. and attracted the neanderthal thuggery of Mark Webb, a man of little appreciation for the finer points of music but a love of the beat. So it was MAK was born and soon their Folk Rock Fusion songs were being heard far and wide.

MAK - Logo-349w.png

Booking Information

Areas covered: Lincolnshire and the South Humber

Rates: Expenses - negotiable, subject to the event


07804 983575

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